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About Friends of Eritrea UK


The Friends of Eritrea was established in the Northwest of the UK during the period of famine and war in Eritrea in 1985. Academic and Scientific staff at the University of Liverpool and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and a network of colleagues and friends throughout the UK, came together to provide physical and financial support and expert advice and lobbying on behalf of famine and conflict-ravaged communities and services.


Visits to assess needs and advise on reconstruction of medical, veterinary, agricultural, social and educational services were undertaken by expert members of the group.

At the start, members were involved in collecting blankets, books and other materials for the war zones of Eritrea.
Between 1986 and 1988 the group sent several containers of essential materials. Money was raised - from donations, from plant and car-boot sales and street collections to make grants ranging from a few hundred to £7,000 to fund transport, travel and relief and development materials.


Several members of the group, including our much-missed Founder-member and Honorary President, the late Dr. John Black, (pictured), were also members of the Eritrean Medical Association/UK which played an important role in mobilising medical aid for war-torn Eritrea. After the end of the War members of both groups decided to jointly form one group to be called “The Friends of Eritrea in the United Kingdom” and to expand membership.


At the end of 1995 the society was registered as a company limited by guarantee and became a registered charity (No 1052161) in January 1996. The main aims of the society are to foster friendship between the Eritrean and British people and to assist in the transfer of appropriate technologies to schools, institutions of higher learning and other centres in Eritrea, which combat poverty, sickness and underdevelopment. .Membership is open to all Friends of Eritrea who support the objects of the society.


Friends of Eritrea work with other Charities and Public and Private groups and individuals, wherever appropriate. So far, we have been able to support:


    • £10,000 worth of Food, Medical supplies and transport costs to the Eritrean Relief and Refugee Commission, (ERRECC).


    • £3000 for Computer equipment for the Adi Ugri Secondary School.


    • Collection and Transport of several containers of books, IT equipment, educational and relief materials, including the Keren Library Project.


    • Small Travel and Transport subsidies including £500 each towards the visit of  the Parliamentary Human Rights Group and to Mr S. Marcos of AGE, (Action Group for Eritrea), to support AGE's own project to
      supply books to Eritrean schools,


We continue, with our Friends in Manchester and elsewhere, to collect money and materials to support Educational and Community projects in Eritrea. In 2015 we intend to develop stronger links with the Decamere Orphanage with a view to identifying further projects that we can support.

Our most grateful thanks go to all of colleagues and Friends in the UK and in Eritrea, for all their hard work and dedication.



The Main Aims of the Friends of Eritrea/UK are:

  • To
    provide or assist in the provision of facilities and support to advance
    education and to relieve sickness and poverty 
    of persons in Eritrea,

  • To
    provide or assist in the transfer of appropriate technologies to schools,  institutions of higher learning and other
    centres in Eritrea which combat poverty, sickness and underdevelopment.

  • To
    support local organisations in rural and urban communities by providing
    technical and financial help

  • To
    strengthen the living conditions of poor communities by promoting the optimal
    use of local resources and by training workers in health, education and
    community development at the village level