AdiGeda Elementary School was one of the first schools to be established in Eritrea.

However, at the present time the school has a lot of shortages. We are particularly concerned that some of our children have to attend lessons sitting in the floor, because of shortages of desks and chairs. Therefore, to address this and other problems, we have started a fund-raising campaign.

The following are needed to address the main problems:

  1. Buying 100 chairs and tables for pupils

  2. Buying 12 chairs and desks for teachers

  3. Buying bookshelves

  4. Buying a computers and printers

  5. Painting school building

  6. Buying a flat screen TV for teaching

  7. Establishing piped water for the school.

  8. Establishing Teaching Board

  9. Creating school signs

  10. Mending and rehabilitating damaged school buildings.



The Friends of Eritrea in the UK, a charity registered in the UK, is asking for your support for funds toward buying some of the items a such as computers and flat screen TV