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Support Eritrea Against Covid-19


The Covid-19 pandemic is threatening the lives and well-being of people everywhere.

6.8M people, worldwide, have the virus. 397, 388 have died, to date, (7th June 2020)


We face the most serious health emergency in decades – millions of lives at risk, in countries, rich and poor.


Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Workers are dying for lack of protective equipment


We tell people to stay at home, to keep washing their hands with soap, and to stick firmly to social distancing. The terrible daily broadcasts from Europe and North America show that even the most advanced health facilities and best-qualified staff are struggling to cope.


For the sickest patients the shortage of respirators and even oxygen in intensive care units is costing lives.


The spread of disease and the high death rates are linked to lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) for health workers, to shortage of face masks for the general public and to failure to test and trace contacts of suspected cases.


And, now, the virus has arrived in Africa.


Throughout Africa, the limited health provision, very poor living conditions and other underlying infections, (HIV, tuberculosis, malaria etc), threaten a disaster. The BBC, says there were 190,135 confirmed cases and 5197 deaths, by 8th June 2020


This is the only chance we will have, to get ahead of the infection


Eritrea, one of the poorest places on earth, can’t produce or buy the PPE it needs for its hospitals. There isn’t the network of high-tech hospital infrastructure, we are used to. The people cannot afford face masks and hand sanitizers. When the disease gets into the wider community, it won’t be stopped without great loss of life. And, when the rest of the world has finally overcome the worst of the pandemic, Africa will remain as a repository for further infection, unless we deal with it, now.


The Friends of Eritrea want to help by funding essential stocks of PPE, sanitisers and medical supplies.


We need your support.

If you can help, please use one of the links, below to donate. All contribution, large or small are gratefully received. 



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