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With the help of the Eritrean Embassy in London we sent the Keren Public Library a shipment of approximately 200 boxes, (about 2 tonnes), of books and equipment.


This was mostly books donated by schools, here in UK, ncluding numerous full sets of class teaching materials, many aimed at young children learning reading, arithmetic, etc. Many others were donated by libraries and individuals, comprising a mixture of adult and children’s general reading, (fiction, history, science, etc), as well as specialist scientific and medical books purchased by donors.


There were more than 30 boxes of a mixture of good-quality used computers, with Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office Suite and ECDL training materials. ECDL is the training programme in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, etc.,

that is used to teach people to a recognised standard of computer literacy throughout Europe.


We also provided one brand new Desktop computer, a black and white laser printer and a colour inkjet printer/scanner/copier, together with software, manuals,instruction books, and stocks of spares and consumables.

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